Evolution of WINkLink 2021

2 min readJan 6, 2022


In retrospect, WINkLink has been working on Oracle and Gamefi continuously. Let’s review what WINkLink has achieved in 2021:

April 26:WINk acquires JustLink, the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle WINkLink goes live

May 7:$WIN live on PancakeSwap Syrup Pools: stake $CAKE to earn $WIN& stake WIN-BNB to earn $CAKE

May 19:TronLink, SunSwap, Poloniex, PoloniDEX, BitTorrent, uTorrent, and TronGrid joined WINkLink supernodes

May 20:$WIN listed on Tokocrypto

June 5:$WIN listed on BiBox. Zethyr Finance integrates WINkLink as its local oracle

June 11:WIN-TRX LP live on JustSwap

July 14:WINkLink Website V2.0 Released

July 25:H.E. Justin Sun announced APENFT and WINkLink officially enter Gamefi and NFTfi

August 4:The farms for $WIN changed to BUSD pairs on Pancake

August 16:$WIN holders have exceeded 750K

August 19:WINkLink website added VRF Solution

August 20:$WIN listed on LATOKEN

August 26:$WIN listed on Bitvavo

September 13:WINkLink’s new roadmap is out

September 29:$WIN holders have now reached 770K

October 8:$WIN is added in cryptocom’s DeFi Wallet( BEP20)

October 11:Buyback and Burn: A total of 150,000,000 $WIN has been burned

October 16:APENFT added $NFT airdrop to $WIN holders

October 25:WINkLink and APENFT launched first Gamefi product WINNFTHORSE

October27:$WIN holders have now reached 780K

October 29:WINkLink has surpassed 50K followers

November 11: $WIN listed on BKEX

November 18: WINNFTHORSE collaborated with WINkLink to use VRF generating random number

November 20: $WIN listed on XTexchange

November 25: WIN NFT HORSE’s IGO on BinanceNFT

November 30: $WIN listed on ZEBPAY

December 2:$WIN listed on OKEx

December 6:WIN NFT HORSE officially launched

December 23:$WIN holders have now reached 800K

Exchanges that list $WIN:

Official Website:winklink.org

Official Twitter:@WinkLink_Oracle





WINkLink, the best oracle in the TRON Ecosystem, fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space.